Cyber Security

  • We take cyber security very seriously here at IUP. The following section contains critical information to help protect students, staff, and faculty from the inherent dangers on the Internet. New to the page is the SANS Cyber Security Training. This is highly recommended to all Faculty and Staff. The training gives tips on how to prevent Cyber Security threats.

    SANS Cyber Security Training

    Phishing and Other Threats

    Spyware and Adware

    IUP is proud to be a “champion” as designated by the National Cyber Security Alliance. The university conducts a number of educational and awareness activities throughout October, which is designated as National Cyber Security Month. The capstone event this year is Cyber Security/Information Assurance Day on Oct. 26. More details can be found at the Cyber Security/IA Day website.

    Interesting cyber security statistics from around the world:

    • 78 percent of people claim to know the risks that come with clicking unknown links in e-mails, and yet they still click these links.

    • 63 percent of all data breaches are due to compromised user credentials.

    • In 2017, spear-phishing e-mails were the most widely used infection method.

    • In 2017, 6.5 percent of people were victims of identity fraud.

    • 230,000 new malware samples are produced every day—and this number will continue to grow.

    • More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day.