Wireless Communications Guidelines

Below are a list of guidelines for when using the IUP wireless network.

Network Operations

  • The Network Operations group of Information Technology Services (IT Services) manages wireless communications on the IUP campus.
  • Before the implementation of any wireless devices, Network Operations should be contacted.
  • Network Operations has the authority to restrict the use of wireless devices within university facilities that interfere with the operation of the campus network.
  • Network Operations will provide wireless connectivity to the campus network on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Network Operations provides all necessary hardware and software to allow wireless communications. The user is responsible for providing the network interface and software configuration for the client.
  • Network Operations may implement firewall and data encryption technology sufficient to permit secure use of the wireless network.
  • Network Operations may monitor all other issues that address the security and integrity of the wireless component of the campus network and take necessary actions to assure network security.

Use of Wireless Communications

  • Current costs associated with wireless connections, a list of approved and disapproved wireless devices, and any other detailed information regarding wireless communication may be acquired from Network Operations.
  • Information regarding purchase of a wireless network card or a computer with integrated wireless technology can be acquired from appropriate technology support representative.

Context of Wireless Communications

  • Wireless communications is intended to provide access to network resources. It does not imply the availability of applications software.
  • Many wireless devices such as wireless phones, wireless speakers, etc. have the potential to interfere with the campus data network, particularly if those devices use the unlicensed 2.4 GHz Industrial/Scientific/Medical (ISM) band.