Work Schedule Change Request

The listing below identifies default standard schedules by department/employee group for both the academic year and summer sessions. If a staff member in one of these groups wishes to, or intends to, work a different schedule than the ones below, a Work Schedule Change form must be completed, approved by their supervisor, and emailed to the Office of Payroll Services to Without an approved form, staff will be assigned to the default schedules.

Work Schedule Change (WSC)

  • WSC forms are not required for a change in lunch time, they are only required if start and end times differ from the standard default schedule.
  • WSC must maintain or improve operational service needs of the department.
  • WSC must not add to cost of operations. They must maintain 7.5-hour work days and 37.5-hour work weeks.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel alternate work schedules with two week's notice, unless due to emergency.

Standard Schedules by Department/Employee Group

  • Managers: 0800-1630 (one-hour lunch)
  • SCUPA: 0800-1630 (one-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Custodial Services (Academic and Service): 0600-1400 or 1600-2400 (half-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Custodial Services (Residence Halls): 0700-1500 or 2300-0700 (half-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Services (Auto and Post Office): 0800-1600 (half-hour lunch)*
  • AFSCME Central Stores: 0700-1500 (half-hour lunch), 0730-1600 (one-hour lunch), 0800-1600 (half-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Maintenance and Engineering and Construction: 0600-1400 (half-hour lunch), 0700-1500 (half-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Office Employees: 0800-1630 (one-hour lunch)

Standard Schedules by Department/Employee Group - Summer Only

  • Managers: 08:00-16:00 (half-hour lunch)
  • SCUPA: 08:00-16:00 (half-hour lunch)
  • AFSCME Office Employees: 08:00-16:00 (half-hour lunch)

These changes will be automatic and in effect the first Monday following May commencement, through two weeks prior to the start of fall semester courses. Anyone in these three categories working hours other than above should complete a Work Schedule Change Form prior to the first week of May.

*No alternate work schedules available:
Employees who work in the following areas will not have the opportunity to alter their work schedules:

  • Pool Maintenance
  • Dispatcher: automotive garage
  • Post Office
  • Dispatcher: Police Department
  • Cogeneration Plant
  • Technology Services Center: Operations

Minimum staffing:

  • Critical shops (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Locksmith, Mechanical/Elevator, Grounds) must maintain coverage until 1500.
  • Two employees from Grounds, Electric, and Plumbing will be required to work 0700-1500. One employee from Mechanical/Elevator, HVAC, Locksmith must work 0700-1500.
  • Central Stores must maintain coverage 0700-1600.