Employees Enrolled in a PEBTF or State System Health Plan

Employees enroll in either a PEBTF health plan or a State System health plan are encouraged to contact the health plan's customer service number listed on their health insurance identification card for information on covered smoking cessation programs.

    All Employees:State Employee Assistance Program (SEAP)

    All Employees and Students

    The Open Door

    • "Breathing Easier" Tobacco Cessation Program: 724-465-2605, then press 7
    • Help with Paying for Tobacco Cessation Medications

    Pennsylvania Department of Health

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:Tobacco Information and Prevention Source

    National Cancer Institute:Tobacco and Cancer

    American Lung Association:Freedom From Smoking Online

    American Cancer Society: Guide to Quitting Smoking

    Nicotine Anonymous

    • 877-879-6422