Every year, the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining holds a Student Leadership Banquet. This year, we had a Zoom banquet and held the Of The Year (OTY) awards. These awards include Resident Assistant of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Office Worker of the Year, Residence Hall Council Member of the Year, the Heart and Soul Award, Living Learning Partner of the Year,and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The individual communities nominate student leaders for each award, and community winners then go onto the overall IUP ballot for the OTY winners, and everyone votes for the overall IUP winners for each award.

RA of the Year

Cassidie Shultz, Head RA of Ruddock Hall and Suites on Maple East

The Resident Assistant of the Year goes to someone who has demonstrated proficient qualities of the description throughout the entire 2019-20 academic year.RAs are peer educators who live in the halls and work with the residential students of their respective communities.

Rookie of the Year

Abbi Ward, RA in Northern Suites, and Alexis Diehl, RA in Wallwork Hall

Rookie of the Year is someone who completed their first year of service to the department, has shown growth and dedication to their position, and is a strong role model in their community.

Office Worker of the Year

Veronica Baroni, Office Manager in Wallwork Hall

Office workers are student employees that work tirelessly to assist our residents with their day-to-day needs in our hall offices.

Residence Hall Council Member of the Year

Alexi Cabrera, Whitmyre Hall

The Residence Hall Council provides programs for their communities, working closely with the Residence Hall Association and their RA staff.

Heart and Soul Award

Bre McGhee, RA in Northern Suites

The Heart and Soul Award goes to a student leader who is passionate about their position and has performed exceptionally throughout the 2019-20 academic year.

Living-Learning Partner of the Year

Elaine Little, Nursing Professor, LLP of Suites on Maple East

Living-Learning Communities provide engaging environments for student development. The Living-Learning Partners are faculty members that provides a resource for the residence hall.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Keith Stinnette, HRA of Stephenson Hall, and Emine Boz, HRA of Northern Suites

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to someone who is a role model to their peers, is passionate about their positions, and is graduating in 2020.

Zoom meeting for the Housing, Residential Living, and Dining Student Leadership Banquet