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We Made This!

  • Everyone wants honesty. Especially honesty when it comes to a college website. But we don’t just want honesty. We want something elegant, even artistic. We all want to hear a story.

    This website explores the narrative of the Cook Honors College. The best part is, the students of the Honors College tell that story. We helped organize the website in ways we thought you might find useful. We filmed the footage of our classmates in honors classes in Whitmyre Hall. The profiles you’ll read are about students—and we’re the ones who wrote them!

    Like the community of scholars we’ve created at the Cook Honors College, this website is a bit different. So take a look at the pages, and then give the Honors College a visit. After you’ve met us through this site, we’d love to meet you in person.

    Please bear with us as we transition from our old site to the new one. We realize that everything is not perfect, and we are working diligently to get there.