• Whitmyre Hall

    A Community of Scholars

    This is college the way we always hoped it would be...or maybe better than we could have imagined it. You’ll find yourself living with us and other students who are motivated, eager to learn, and willing to share ideas; students not afraid to have opinions and express them...nor to debate your ideas, too. A few people might get together to go to a concert or a game, or you’ll find yourself staying up late some nights with friends, working on a paper, studying together, or just talking.

    Dean Asamoah and Ethan in the Philosophy Lounge

    Our blend of academic and residential use of Whitmyre Hall allows you unparalleled access to your professors and the staff. During the day, you’ll find the faculty, staff, and students taking some time together for informal conversation while relaxing in one of the lounges. Here, you will find yourself treated with warmth and respect by students and professors alike.

    The Honors Connection, one of our student-run organizations, plans an exciting orientation to make sure you are connected and informed before classes even begin. The group will be here to help move in your boxes, and then escort you to the chariot races and medieval banquet.

    Our home, Whitmyre Hall, is one of the historic buildings on the IUP campus and has been eccentrically refurbished to enhance the lifestyles of Honors College students. Here, you will find television and study lounges as well as places to gather for a board game or chess. There is a large kitchen where you can whip up a snack. (The upperclassmen make midnight pancakes for the freshmen on nights before papers are due.) We have a small music practice room and a Steinway grand for anyone who just wants to sit down and play the piano. There’s a laundry facility and a courtyard garden, where students like to sun and talk on nice days with the babbling of a fountain in the background. The New York Times and USA Today are delivered daily at no charge—one copy for every student. It’s also a real convenience to have honors classrooms right in the residence hall and to be just across the street from both a food court and the campus fitness center.

    The smell of popcorn permeates the air of the Great Hall on impromptu movie nights, when students make the most of the big screen to watch a favorite DVD. There’s an honors talent expo, a comedy club, and an honors quintet in which a Physics major plays the oboe. Sometimes we move out the furniture and hold swing dancing lessons.

    Snax Drumming

    You’ll find yourself part of things and a member of this community, not just living on a campus. You will find friendships that will last all of your life. Unless you try very hard to avoid it, you’ll never have to eat lunch alone, never feel lost, or never feel that you don’t belong.

    You can either live alone or with a roommate in Whitmyre. Each room contains twin beds, desks, dressers, and closets. There are phone, cable, and Internet connections in each room, as well as individual temperature controls for the central heating and air conditioning. Of course there are no curfews—you may come and go as you please—and it’s nice to know there are some quiet areas where you can escape when you need to. Like all IUP residence halls, Whitmyre is a well-secured building.

    Curl up with a book in an overstuffed chair with the bust of Zeus over your shoulder. You're among a community of friends with varied interests and from different backgrounds, but with a lot in common.

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