"What were you wearing?" is an all too common question asked of survivors of sexual assault. The Haven Project has partnered with Fashion Studies to bring awareness to this and other offensive questions that are put upon individuals who have experienced sexual violence, placing blame for a crime perpetuated against them.

Anonymous survivor stories from the IUP community will be on display from April 15 through April 19 in the Stapleton Library, first-floor atrium.

You are invited to view this powerful and emotional display, which is dedicated to dispelling the myth that survivors provoke their assault based on how they were dressed.student viewing the What Were You Wearing? Exhibit

Content Warning: Contains descriptions of power-based interpersonal violence, including sexual violence and assault. Please use self-care as needed.

The What Were You Wearing? exhibit originated at the University of Arkansas in 2012. The project was inspired by Mary Simmerling's poem "What I Was Wearing."

View the What Were You Wearing? art exhibit at the United Nations Headquarters (the largest featuring 103 mannequins). 

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This exhibit deals with difficult and sensitive subject matter which can awaken or stir deep emotions. Please utilize the following resources if you feel you need support.

*confidential resources