The Haven Project and Fashion Studies are partnering to bring you the "What Were You Wearing?" exhibit in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

We invite members of the IUP community to share their stories.  

The exhibit displays re-creations of the outfits sexual assault survivors were wearing at the time of their assault.  The display is meant to encourage conversation and break down stereotypes that often come with discussions of sexual assault, such as the victim's clothing somehow provoked the assault.

Submit a Story

If you would like to submit your narrative and a detailed description of the outfit you were wearing for possible display, you can do so anonymously by clicking the box below.

Deadline to submit your story is Friday, March 22.

Thank you for allowing us to honor your story.

Share Your Survivor Story Here


The Display will be viewable in the Stapleton Library from April 15 to 19.

Email with questions

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It is not uncommon for survivors to feel alone and isolated.  For many, hearing and sharing stories can play a vital role in their recovery from trauma or it may awaken heavy emotions.  You are not aloneThere are resources available to you.

*confidential resources