Silent Witnesses will be on display in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  View the exhibit at Eberly College of Business and Stapleton Library.


  • Eberly College of Business:  Monday, October 17–Friday, October 21
  • Stapleton Library:  Monday, October 24–Monday, October 31

 A Silent Witness is a silhouette with the true story of an adult or child that was killed by domestic or datingThe Silent Witness National Initiative.  Remember my story. Remember my name. violence.  Each person has a story.

**Trigger Warning:  Stories contain descriptive themes of sexual and domestic violence, including child abuse.  Please do not read the stories if such topics trigger you or make you upset

To learn more, visit the Silent Witness National Initiative website.


  • More than 10 million people are abused each year in the US. - PCADV
  • In Pennsylvania, 112 victims died from domestic violence incidents last year. - PCADV
  • 1 in 2 female murder victims and 1 in 13 male murder victims are killed by intimate partners. - NCADV

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Resources and Services

We recognize that sexual assault is difficult to talk about. Here are some resources if you would need to reach out.

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