Relationships During Quarantine:
For Couples Spending Time Apart

Treat it like a long-distance relationship.

The key here is strengthening communication. What kind of interactions do you want to have, and how often do you want to have them? Try to communicate every day, but remember that partners should agree on the type and frequency of interactions. Be transparent about your needs, and work though misunderstandings as soon as they come up.

Respect each other.

Remember that you both have separate lives still. When your partner blocks off time for work and/or school, try not to distract them. Stick to communicating during open times or hours you have agreed upon.

Try not to focus on the distance.

Instead, look forward to when you get to spend time together in-person again. Getting caught up on the distance may result in anger or sadness that can negatively impact your relationship. Be open to talking through it when it occurs.

Still go on “dates.”

Cook or eat dinner, go on a walk, play an online game, and stream movies all while video chatting. Set aside enough time for each other to complete activities you both enjoy.

Relationships During Quarantine:
For Cohabitating Couples

Try not to create relationship conflict from personal stress.

Generally, most people are experiencing more stress and anxiety than normal due to the pandemic. Create an open space for communicating how the pandemic is impacting you rather than keeping it to yourself.

Redefine boundaries.

If possible, work in separate spaces to mimic being apart for work. If you work in a shared space, be mindful and respectful. Use headphones if listening to media, and be quiet if your partner is in a meeting.

Spend time alone.

Mimic a schedule that you had before, but keep it realistic. Since you can't leave the house, spend time apart in separate rooms. Aside from work, exercise, read, or watch an episode of your favorite show alone.

Still go on “dates.”

Cook together, have a picnic in your backyard, take an online dance or workout class, or play a board or video game together. Think of activities that you both enjoy, but make them workable in your space.

Domestic Violence

Tips for getting help during a pandemic

Visit PA Coalition Against DV

This website is a free resource complete with information about the COVID-19 virus, 24/7 hotlines, local programs, and more.

Find the COVID-19 Resources

At the bottom of the home page, find the button shown above, COVID-19 Resources, to educate yourself on how the current pandemic is affecting survivors as well as the resources available for people feeling in danger from abuse. Some individuals are restricted to spaces exclusively with their abusers during the times of social distancing.

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Seek Additional Help if Needed

Always call 911 if in an emergency and if an immediate threat of danger arises. Seek out the other listed resources for more information and resources. You are not alone.