Graduate Student Assembly

  • Mission

    The Graduate Student Assembly represents the graduate student body’s interests at IUP and within the Indiana community. The GSA shall review regularly and make recommendations on the policies of both the university and the Graduate School and such matters that are of concern in the cultural, intellectual, and social life of the part- and full-time graduate student.

    All members of the IUP graduate student community shall be members of the Graduate Student Assembly. The voting body of the Graduate Student Assembly shall consist of two graduate students representing each master’s and doctoral degree offered at IUP and the members of the executive board. The graduate coordinator of each department offering a graduate program shall be responsible for the selection of two representatives to the Graduate Student Assembly. Representatives may be appointed by the graduate coordinator or elected by the graduate students of the department.

    The four purposes of the Graduate Student Assembly are as follows:

    1. Protect the rights and interests of the graduate student body.
    2. Hold positions on boards and councils which dictate issues that are of interest to the graduate students.
    3. Gain recognition of the GSA within the State System of Higher Education and within IUP.
    4. Provide the graduate student body at IUP with a voice.

    Executive Board (2014–2015)

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