Resources for Current Students

  • Graduate Scholars ConferenceThe following links are a quick and easy way for current students, such as yourself, to locate information across IUP’s website that assists you in managing and engaging in your academic and professional pursuits!

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  • Academic Support
    We provide a broad range of services to support you and your academic pursuits. From having access to thousands of references and resources at our library to the technology you use, there is help for you. Seeking assistance as a veteran, or have a disability? Use the provided quick links to get the answers you need.
    Assistantships and Scholarships
    A limited number of half-time and full-time assistantships are awarded yearly to degree-seeking graduate students.
    Beyond Graduation
    Resources for finding a job, negotiating and evaluating your job offers, and tips for managing yourself financially as you transition.
    CCAMPIS Grant Forms and Information
    Are you interested in applying for the CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) program? 
    Useful links to assist students in becoming familiar with Indiana, Pa.
    Graduate students are expected to assume full responsibility for knowing graduate program procedures and regulations, which are located in the Graduate Catalog and in program handbooks.
    Helpful links to assist you in finding the right funding to support your academics or research
    Graduate Student Handbooks
    Information about the department, program, policies, curriculum and other information that will be useful as you pursue your graduate degree is provided by the Graduate Student Handbook.
    Make sure to prepare and manage for your graduation through these useful links.
    Health, Safety, and Well-Being
    Start here to find resources to connect you to health services, campus police and emergency alerts, counseling and disabilities information, and even day care.
    Housing and Dining
    Gain a better understanding of your housing and dining options through these links.
    International Students
    Resources for international students and their families
    Preparing Future Faculty
    Information about the Preparing Future Faculty Certificate
    Prior Learning Assessment
    You may qualify for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for what you’ve learned through employment, independent certificate training or specialized certifications, or personal educational, which will earn you credits towards a graduate degree.
    A listing of resources to assist with guiding your research. Includes thesis-dissertation information, IRB and IACUC forms and guidelines, funding guidelines for research projects and travel, help with surveys and data, and much more!
    Student Engagement
    There is more to your time here than your academics. Whether your interests are in graduate administration and policies or intramural activities, there is an abundance of opportunities to engage yourself with like-minded individuals!
    Thesis Dissertation Information
    Information and Resources for Thesis and Dissertation