Ken Coles

Ken Coles Associate Professor


  • BS, California Institute of Technology - Geology
  • MS, California Institute of Technology - Geology
  • MPhil, Columbia University
  • PhD, Columbia University - Geology
  • Indiana Teaching Certificate (General/Elementary 1-8, Science 1-8)
  • Massachusetts First Year Teaching License (Earth Science 8-12)

Courses Taught:

GEOS 105 Exploring the Universe
GEOS 106 Exploring the Universe Lab
GEOS 154 Exploration of Space
GEOS 403/404 Newfoundland Seminar and Field Workshop
GEOS 323 Geophysics
GEOS 341 Planetary Geology
GEOS 342 Stellar Astronomy

Professional Interests:

Geology of solar system bodies
Astrometry of asteroids and Moon by occultation of stars
Eclipses and transits of solar system bodies
Planetarium education

IUP Planetarium