Geoscience Day

  • Senior geoscience majors presented their research at the 46th annual Geoscience Day on Friday, April 24, 2020, via Zoom.

    Geoscience Day 2020

    Geoscience Day 2020 Program and Abstracts

    8:00 – Opening Remarks by Dr. Nick Deardorf

    Session 1: Tectonics and Volcanism

    8:10 – Lindsey Aman

    Rapid Exhumation of the Eastern Central Range of  Taiwan: Constraints from Brittle Deformation Patterns

    8:30 – Ross Bolesta

    Characterizing Low-relief, High-elevation Landscapes using Drone Imagery near Jiaming Lake, Taiwan

    8:50 – Allison Rife

    Effects of Compositions on Recrystalization in Pyroclast Recycling

    9:10 – Charis Biancuzzo

    Seawater Interactions: A Look at Chlorine Infusion in Submarine Volcanic Eruptions

    Session 2: Environmental Geology

    9:45 – Justin Fenchak

    Potential Issues Between Oil and Gas Pipeline and Superfund Sites

    10:05 John Grozanick

    Electrical Resistivity Imaging of the Subsurface at Glacier Creek Preserve for Agricultural and Prairie Land

    10:25 Brian Bennett

    Fugitive Soil Vapor and Natural Gas Well Emissions from a Non-Integral Abandoned Conventional Gas Well

    Session 3: Fluvial Geology and Hydrogeology

    11:00 Gabriella Millette

    Distribution and Variation of Anthropogenic Debris within Marsh Run, Indiana PA

    11:20 Ryann Knowles

    Determining a Water Budget for a Suburban Headwater Stream, McCarthy Run, Indiana, Pennsylvania

    11:40 Ian Darragh

    Water Quality of Marsh Run, a Small-town Urban Stream in Indiana Borough, Pennsylvania

    Session 4: Stratigraphy. Climate, and Paleoceanography

    1:00 – Mitchell Moore

    Environmental Determination for Paleoecological Reconstruction of Jurassic National Monument

    1:20 – Shane Parker

    The Effect of a Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse on Nutrient Recycling Rates During Marine Isotope Stage 31

    1:40 – Victoria Lewis

    Determining the Impacts of Paleoclimate Changes on Oceanic Nutrient Conditions with the use of Diatom Records

    2:00 – Kevin Soffera

    The Record of Terrigenous Glacial/Interglacial Variability in Core KN223-10LC2 Along the Western Flanks of the Mid Atlantic Ridge