Unmanned Aerial Systems Science and Applications, Undergraduate Certificate

Students piloting a drone

Launch Your Career Working with Drones

Fly drones. Prepare for certification and move your career forward. Unmanned Aerial Systems operation is a fast-growing sector of the job market. Or pursue research opportunities. You decide where it takes you.

Our program goes beyond common drones, because we know you'll need more than that to grab new career opportunities. As new applications emerge for using the technology, our certificate program can give you a competitive edge.

Gain Career Credentials in Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Systems Science and Applications gives you the knowledge, experience, and credentials to work with drones professionally.

You'll learn about:

  • The regulatory environment for UAS in the United States

  • Aeronautics and flight theory

  • The basics of UAS design and operation

  • Remote sensing and photogrammetric concepts

  • Mission planning

  • UAS mission flight techniques

  • Processing techniques for data deliverables

You'll also prepare to become certified as a Federal Aviation Administration part 107 remote pilot, operator, or ancillary ground crew member/observer.

Courses for Certificate in UAS Science and Applications (12 Credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
GEOG 316 Introduction to Geographic Information Systemsor425 Global Positioning Systems Concepts and Techniques 3cr
GEOG 415 Introduction to Remote Sensing 3cr
GEOG 460 Foundations of Unmanned Aerial Systems Science and Application 3cr
GEOG 463 Unmanned Aerial Systems for Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Acquisition 3cr