Geoscience students Susie Adams and Lindsey Aman presented their research at a four-day undergraduate geoscience workshop co-organized by Jon Lewis, Tim Byrne (University of Connecticut), and their collaborators in Taiwan. The workshop was part of a National Science Foundation funded project aimed at understanding the very high uplift rates of the rocks in Taiwan's Central Range.


Microscope workshop: Susie Adams, fourth from left; Lindsey Aman, third from right in the back. Photo by J.C. Lewis

The workshop, held at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), drew approximately 40 Taiwanese undergraduate students that have been conducting field data collection with their mentors, Lewis and Byrne, for the last two summers. These field efforts included IUP students Lindsey Aman, Lauren Donati, and Ross Bolesta. This trip was the first trip to Taiwan for Susie Adams.

At the workshop, the students presented research posters that generated much active discussion. The IUP research poster presentation included contributions from recent UConn MS graduate Michael Chojnacki (a Slippery Rock alumnus who did undergraduate research with Patti Campbell).

In addition to the poster sessions, the workshop included time to share microscopic observations at 10 lab stations. The faculty participants included Jian-Cheng Lee (Academia Sinica), Chin-Ho Tsai (National Dung Hwa University), En-Chao Yeh (National Taiwan Normal University), Wei Lo (NTUT), Hao-Tsu Chu (Central Geological Survey, ret.), and Gong-Ruei Ho (Academia Sinica).


Susie Adams and Lindsey Aman on the coast of Taiwan. Photo by J.C. Lewis

Days three and four of the workshop included a field trip to the famous Taroko Gorge and to outcrops along the Mugua River.

The workshop would not have been possible without the substantial efforts and support of our collaborators in Taiwan. We also thank the IUP Research Institute for printing the research posters.