Japanese Certificate and Language Classes

This certificate is not currently accepting new students. If you are interested in taking Japanese language courses, you may be able to do so in the Critical Languages program.

Wakayama Castle, located (in Wakayama) in the Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, is one example of the majestic architecture that can be seen in this country.Choose Japanese

Japanese is spoken by over 125 million people in this world, and Japan is one of America's largest trading partners. Whether your interest is Asian Studies, international business, or broadening your horizons, Japanese is a valuable language to learn.

Take full advantage of beginning, intermediate, and advanced Japanese courses offered at IUP. You may even immerse yourself in Japanese culture and study abroad.

Add a Certificate in Japanese to Your Résumé

In addition to offering Japanese language classes, you can earn a certificate in Japanese, which gives you an internationally recognized credential in a foreign language.

Certificate seekers are required to take an oral proficiency exam at the end of their studies. Though no minimal result is required, it does provide you with an internationally recognized rating.

The certificate is focused explicitly on speaking and writing.

Required Courses:

  • JAPN 101
  • JAPN 102
  • JAPN 201
  • JAPN 220 and JAPN 230 (or approved elective)
  • Oral Proficiency Interview by computer (OPIc)offered fall and spring semester on the IUP campus

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