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A Competitive Edge: Choose German

The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe. It is a cosmopolitan, democratic, prosperous country that plays a leading role in the European Union and was one of its founding members. It is the most populous country in the European Union and has the largest economy.

Germany is a highly industrialized nation with strong international links. In the annual World Trade Organization rankings, Germany regularly places among the three largest exporters behind China and the USA.

Germany and the United States of America share many common experiences, values, and interests and also have strong political, cultural, and economic connections. The United States was the biggest buyer of German exports in 2019, and Germany is the United States' most important trading partner in Europe. German companies offer about 700,000 jobs, making them the fourth largest foreign employer in the United States.

In Pennsylvania, there are many firms which are subsidiaries or affiliates of German companies. The Bayer firm, with thousands of employees in western Pennsylvania, is one example of the German presence. In adjacent states, Germany remains a major player in pharmaceuticals, high tech, and industrial enterprises. The role of other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland is also significant.

Well known as a place of education, research, and scholarship, Germany remains one of the most popular destinations for international students. For more information on study abroad opportunities in Germany, please contact the Office of International Education:

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