Minor in French

A student studies his book in French class

Parlez-Vous Franais?

The minor in french offers students the opportunity to explore the French language and complement their undergraduate major. After completing French 101, 102, and 201, students must take the following courses to complete the minor. Use the power of social media to connect in class with French-speaking people around the world. You can also study abroad to immerse yourself in the French language.

Required Courses

FRNC 201- Intermediate French (4 credits)

FRNC 220- Intermediate French Conversation (3 credits)

FRNC 230- Intermediate French Composition (3 credits)

Controlled Electives

Study abroad or transfer credits (6 credits)

Any FRNC 281 course or Independent Study (3 credits)

The Foreign Language Department also offers a certificate in French.