Students take notes in a French class

Find Your Fit in French

Become proficient in French, the language of diplomacy and the native language of 29 countries spread on all continents including many African nations, Canada, and, of course, France.

The Foreign Language department offers two programs in French:

Placement Tests Help You Start in the Right Class

Students with no previous French study will be placed in FRNC 101, a class reserved for true beginners. Students with previous French study in high school or college will be placed into the appropriate course by means of the online WebCAPE placement test. This test may be taken more than once a semester before enrolling in French courses, but no earlier than one semester before the first French course at IUP. It is free of charge for IUP students.

Instructions on how to take the online WebCAPE placement test are available on the departmental website and in print in the Department of Foreign Languages office (Sutton Hall, room 455).

As deemed necessary by the individual student or French faculty, the proposed WebCAPE placement may be further refined: Students' writing and speaking proficiency may be additionally assessed by one or more faculty members in the French program in the Department of Foreign Languages.

Requirements for Your Major Also Considered

Each individual student's requirements and the judgment of the classroom instructors will also be considered in placement. No students will be allowed to register for or take a D/F repeat in FRNC 101, 102, or 201 when credit has already been received for a higher numbered course.

Also, consider studying abroad for an enriching way to immerse yourself in the French language.