The US Department of Agriculture told the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators that students seeking to enroll in the temporarily expanded SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) should apply in the state in which they are currently living and attending school.

“There is not a minimum amount of time that someone must live in a state in order to apply for SNAP,” a USDA spokesperson said, adding that all they will need to do is verify their residency in that state.

To verify residency, a student will be required to provide documentation. The following documents are examples of what could be used to verify residency:

  • In-state license

  • Utility bill

  • Rental agreement

  • Letter from housing services at the institution of higher education

  • Letter from a resident assistant (RA) in a dormitory

  • Letter from a landlord of a rental property

Since each state has its own application form in order for an individual to enroll in SNAP, USDA is directing those seeking to apply or individuals with other questions about SNAP eligibility to contact their local SNAP offices.

Regarding the temporary expansion as it relates to student eligibility, USDA has provided a notice outlining the requirements.

Here is a detailed breakdown of eligibility criteria.

The USDA also issued an FAQ regarding the student provisions related to SNAP expansion.

IUP Office of Financial Aid