Eberly College of Business Dean Stephen Ferris, Department of Finance and Economics faculty member Brandon Vick, and IUP President Michael Driscoll

As part of the 2024 Research Appreciation Week schedule of events, Department of Finance and Economics faculty member Brandon Vick received the Dean’s Award for the Eberly College of Business. This award was presented during the thirtieth annual Research Awards Reception, which recognizes and celebrates outstanding research by faculty and graduate students and a commitment to sponsored research by faculty and staff. 

Vick’s recent research efforts include three peer-reviewed articles in academic journals co-authored with former administration and leadership studies PhD students, including one with Melissa Kuntz (at PennWest University) titled “Education, Gender, and Blue-Chip Gallery Representation: The Importance of Educational Prestige in a Male-Dominated Art World,” which Vick presented at an economics conference in Ios, Greece, in June 2023. 

As a research associate with the Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center since 2017, Vick worked with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency on multiple grant-funded projects. His current work focuses on measuring improvements in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system and the costs associated with various forms of victimization. Recent reports include an analysis of county recidivism trends, estimates on the economic costs of firearm injuries (both accidental and by assault), and the effects of the COVID pandemic on state-wide violent crime and victimization trends. 

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