group econometric presentersThe Department of Finance and Economics is very pleased to congratulate current undergraduate students who presented their own econometric research at the annual Pennsylvania Sports Business Conference at Indiana University of Pennsylvania held on April 14, 2023. Conference attendees include professionals working across professional sports, collegiate athletics, the sporting goods industry, the health and fitness industry, and other areas of sports management. 

Two pairs of James Jozefowicz’s ECON 456 Advanced Econometrics students participated in designated research sessions:

  • Alyssa Carne (BA, economics/honors and BS, mathematics/actuarial science and statistics dual degrees) and Evan Orr (BS, mathematics/actuarial science and statistics) presented “Determinants of Bowling Salaries.” The purpose of this research is to analyze the determinants of bowling salaries using a sample from 2020 for all 75 bowlers currently in the Professional Bowlers’ Association.
  • Erin McGrath (BA, economics/honors and BS, accounting dual degrees) and Emily Elliott (BS, finance with a double major in economics/honors) presented “Gender-Based Wage Gap in Professional Athletes.” The purpose of this study is to investigate what statistics impact the difference in salaries between female and male professional athletes within tennis and basketball to further research on the gender wage gap for professional athletes.