The Department of Economics has a longstanding tradition of participating in theIUPScholars Forum dating back to its inception in 2006. Several undergraduate economics majors shared the results of their scholarly pursuits at the 2021 Scholars Forum, held virtually on Wednesday, April 7, and we are proud of their accomplishments.

This year,Department of Economics faculty members James Jozefowicz and Stephanie Jozefowicz sponsored oral presentations at the Scholars Forum, including:

"Determinants of Video Game Success"

Student: August Bolinger

Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

"The Green and Black Markets: A Panel Analysis of the Effect of Legalizing Marijuana on the U.S. Illegal Narcotic Trade"

  • Student: Noah Ellison
  • Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

"Determinants of Success in the American Music Industry"

  • Students: Justin Foran and Bradley Mateo
  • Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

"Domestic Terrorism and the Economy"

  • Student: Ryan Lichtenwalner
  • Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

"Predictability of Women in NCAA Division II Basketball Tournaments"

  • Student: Justina Mascaro
  • Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Jozefowicz

"Determinants of NHL Goalie Salaries"

  • Student: Michael Pesta
  • Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

"Baseball Salaries: How They Are Determined"

  • Student: Danika Polka
  • Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz

Economics honors-track majors August Bolinger and Justina Mascaro, respectively,received the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Dean's Award andthe ECOBITBest Presentation Award. In addition, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean's Award went to Ryan Lichtenwalner,while Danika Polka received theCHSSBest Presentation Award. This award-winningundergraduate studentresearch was conductedas part of ECON 356Introduction to Econometrics during the fall 2020 semester.

Congratulations August, Justina, Ryan, and Danika!

Congratulations also goes to Alexa Hershberger, whose co-authored research won the Library Research Award at the 2021 Scholars Forum. Alexa is pursuing dual baccalaureate study in economics and biology, and her research was sponsored by David Janetski of the Department of Biology.

Virtual economics presentation from the 2021 Scholars Forum

Virtual economics presentation from the 2021 Scholars Forum