As a member of the American Economic Association, Yaya Sissoko attended the AEA's virtual continuing education program on Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics, January 6-8, 2021.

The instructors were Professor Patrick Kline, University of California-Berkeley, Department of Economics, and faculty associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research; and Assistant Professor Christopher Walters, University of California-Berkeley, Department of Economics.

The course covered recent developments in empirical labor economics along with econometric methods commonly used in contemporary research on labor markets. The course focused on:

  • Education and Human Capital [(i). Returns to schooling - Methods: Potential outcomes, instrumental variables (IV), regression discontinuity (RD); (ii). College Quality - Methods: Matching/selection on observables];
  • Self-selection [ (i).Roy and generalized Roy models - Methods: Control functions, IV, marginal treatment effects; (ii). Self-selection applications - Methods: IV, discrete choice, dynamic models];
  • Discrimination [(i). Group differences in the labor market - Methods: Oaxaca-Blinder decompositions; (ii). Experimental approaches - Methods: Experiments, empirical Bayes, bounds; (iii). Algorithmic bias - Methods: Difference-in-differences];
  • Minimum Wages [Methods: Difference-in-differences (DiD), differential exposure designs];
  • Firm Wage Premia [Methods: High dimensional fixed effects, Oaxaca decomps];
  • Monopsony, Rent-Sharing, and Outside Options [Methods: Discrete choice modeling, DiD, experiments, fixed effects].

Department of Economics