Graduates of the IUP honors track in Economics have had their work published in the recently released book, Applied Econometric Analysis: Emerging Research and Opportunities (IGI Global Publisher), co-edited by Yaya Sissoko (IUP) and Brian Sloboda (University of Phoenix).

The refereed book chapters include:

  • "Socioeconomic Influences on Fertility Rate Fluctuations in Developed and Developing Economies" by Kayla Good ('18) and Anthony Maticic ('19)

  • "An Analysis of Gender Inequality in Professional Tennis: A Study of the Cozening Sport" by Patrick Edwards ('17) and Hannah Mercer ('17)

  • "The Convergence Behind the Curtain: An Examination of Crime Rates in Pennsylvania Counties" by Olivia Habacivch ('19), Ryan Redilla ('19) and Economics faculty member James Jozefowicz.

The graduate school and initial career endeavors of these Economics alumni include the master of public policy program at the University of Maryland, working as a CPA for KPMG, the MS program in applied economics at Purdue University, a position as a global strategic pricing analyst for ThermoFisher Scientific, the Memphis Teacher Residency program, serving as a commissioned second lieutenant in the US Army, and the IUP MBA program.

The honors track in Economics emphasizes undergraduate research, which is conducted by students in the required Introduction to Econometrics and Advanced Econometrics courses taught by James Jozefowicz. When speaking at an Economics Club event, Hannah Mercer '17 highlighted the Introduction to Econometrics class as the "single class that will prepare you for the real world" because of the quantitative, software, and communication skills she acquired from the course. She emphasized that current students should "take advantage of the phenomenal Econ program IUP offers."

Economics majors have presented their work at the annual IUP Scholars Fora, Pennsylvania Economic Association annual conferences, Pennsylvania Sports Business annual conferences, and Undergraduate Research at the Capitol events in Harrisburg.

In addition to winning awards at the IUP Scholars Fora, and PEA and Pennsylvania Sports Business conferences, alumni of the honors track have had co-authored refereed publications appear in journals such as Economics Bulletin, International Journal of Applied Economics, Keystone Journal of Undergraduate Research, New York Economic Review, and Pennsylvania Economic Review.

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