Poster for "Nine Days in the Sun," a play in many scenes, by Mark Clayton Southers

The idea is simple. What if dark skin were the desired tone and the beige/pinkish color we call white was a liability? A terroristic attack has pushed the Earth closer to the sun and depleted its ozone mantle. Nine Days in the Sun takes the audience to a world where the racial balance has shifted and as a result, the social order in America is turned upside down.

Nine Days in the Sun is produced by Theater-by-the-Grove in association with Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre, funded in part by the IUP Student Cooperative Association and a generous grant from IUP’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund.

Written by Mark Clayton Southers. Co-directed by Jamaica Johnson (PPTCO) and Michael Schwartz (TBTG).

Tickets are available online, by calling 724-357-2787, and at the door.

This production is also supported by a Six O’Clock Series presentation with Q&A by playwright Mark Clayton Southers on Monday, February 20, in the HUB Ohio Room.