Queer Conversations: History and the Harvey Milk Movement

Elkin Hall Great Room and Zoom Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement

Join LGBTQIA Support for the Queer Conversations Series every Tuesday from 5:00–7:00 p.m. The Zoom meeting code for all sessions is 913 2363 1243.

Topics for the spring 2021 semester are as follows:


  • 19 – LGBTQIA Among Us (welcome back)
  • 26 – Winter Blues/Disability Awareness (mental, physical, spiritual identity and impact beyond seasonal affective disorder)


  • 2 – Black/Brown Identity and Queer Identity
  • 9 – Self-Love, Self-Acceptance
  • 16 – Relationships (healthy relationships and the pandemic)
  • 23 – Fun Home (musical, memoir, mystery)


  • 2 – Feminism and Queer (Women/Womyn and what does feminism mean in a queer context)
  • 9 – The Lavender Scare (a documentary about US government oppression over decades to identify and fire gays and lesbians)
  • 16 – Green Dot Training (how you can positively impact campus)
  • 23 – Body and Gender Dysmorphia (conversation around how we perceive ourselves)
  • 30 – History and the Harvey Milk Movement (first openly gay elected politician—involvement in politics and strategies for change)


  • 6 Gaymes (board games, card games, other interactive games
  • 13 Take Back The Night (history and support for Haven Programming)
  • 20 Queer Arts Showcase (share your talent and display pieces, performances, and interact with artists)
  • 27 Celebration (end of semester)