DIY Spa Tutorials (Virtual)

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diy spa tutorials virtualListen. We get it. This semester has completely stressed out every single one of us. Don't you deserve to treat yo' self? We think you do. That's why STATIC is bringing the spa to you with DIY Spa Tutorials on Wednesday, December 2. 

Join STATIC on Wednesday, December 2, to unplug and relax with DIY spa kits and relaxation tips and tricks pre-finals! The event will virtually take place between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. via Facebook and Instagram Live and stories. No preregistration is required to join!

Want a pre-assembled DIY spa kit? Register here! You can pick up your kit from the STATIC office (HUB 215-216) prior to the event on Monday, November 30, Tuesday, December 1, and Wednesday, December 2. Please pay attention to STATIC's social media for available times.

For more information, visit the STATIC website or STATIC on Twitter and Instagram.