Free Film Screening: The Sweet Remains' The Independents

Beard Auditorium, Stouffer Hall The Lively Arts

Film screening of The Sweet Remains' "The Independents," a musical comedy-drama created by and starring The Sweet Remains.

"The Independents" tells of three solo-artists who collide at the same crossroads and discover harmony.  Thus is born “RGB” (at least until they come up with a better band name) and what follows is their roller-coaster-ride journey across America for a one last shot at musical glory. Starring real-life bandmates RICH PRICE, GREG NAUGHTON & BRIAN CHARTRAND of THE SWEET REMAINS (30+ Million Spotify plays)-- and inspired by their real-life experiences together as a band. 

The film debuted at the 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival where the Hollywood Reporter hailed it "An extremely engaging film... An unconventional and sharply written script which subverts all the cliches of the star-is-born story.”  It then won the jury prize for Best Feature Film 2018 at the Omaha Film Festival — and has gone on to win audiences and plaudits at great festivals all around the U.S. including Deadcenter Film Fest, Dallas International Film Fest, Virginia Film Fest, Naples International Film Fest, and The Mill Valley Film Festival!

This film is not yet rated. Contains brief nudity and some mature language and situations.

Free admission, limited to two tickets per order.

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