Lecture and Masterclass: Abbie Conant—Trombonist, Vocalist, and Actor

Cogswell Hall, Rm. 126 The Lively Arts

Working in tandem with composer/author William Osborne, Ms. Conant blends her unique talents as trombonist, vocalist, and actor to create a theatrical experience that speaks to contemporary social issues.

Her performances have been critically acclaimed throughout the world.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports:

An utterly entertaining evening… This fabulous Abbie Conant… After seeing and hearing the musician Abbie Conant, one gets an idea of what many actresses are painfully lacking: namely, a musically schooled sensitivity to the pitch inflections and flexibility of the voice, that allows her to present an astoundingly varied rhythmic and expressive performance, and all with a natural ease one seldom finds. […] An excellent, versatile, talented performance artist, and an outstanding trombonist as well.

This free performance is one not to be missed. To learn more about Abbie Conant and William Osborne, visit their website.