Emergency Notification System

  • If you are a student, you must register for or opt out of the Emergency Notification System. Students who do not register or opt out will have a hold placed on their account. This hold will remain in place until you either register to receive notifications or decline to do so.

    We encourage all students to register to receive emergency notifications when they are sent out to the community.

  • IUP uses an text message (SMS) and voice call Emergency Notification System.

    We use many ways to contact you, including pillar phones and the web, as well as text messages and voice calls.

    Once you sign up, IUP officials will send text messages to you in the case of an urgent campuswide emergency. If the phone number you sign up with isn't capable of receiving text messages, we'll send a voice call.

    But you can’t get text messages or voice calls unless you register for notifications. 

    You can also sign up a parent or family member to receive notifications.

    The Emergency Notification System is maintained solely for the purpose of notifying the university community in times of critical emergency situations.

    In the event of an emergency, information will also be posted on the IUP Emergency Information webpage.