C&T Alumni

What were you doing before you came to IUP? What are you doing now?

It will come to no surprise that C&T alumni are among the most productive and dedicated professionals in the disciplines of Composition and TESOL. We want to keep track of your accomplishments. So, we are asking you to keep us up to date with your activities. Specifically, we are asking that you e-mail us notice of any publications, awards, editorships, offices, or elected positions in professional organizations, department chairships, or any special achievements or honors in your professional lives. Please try to send them in MLA or APA format when appropriate, but we welcome any informal notice, too. So, as you publish your next book or article, achieve a teaching award at your school, or enjoy any achievement, please e-mail notice of your achievement to Professor Gloria Park at gloria.park@iup.edu. We, the faculty members of the Composition and TESOL program, are proud of each of you, and every day you continue to inspire us to be our best.