Dana Rizzo, Tues, 28 March 2006 wrote:
Greetings from Dana Rizzo! I graduated from IUP in 1993 with a degree in Secondary English Education. I worked in a Johnstown, Pa., Catholic school for three years before moving to Houston, where I got a job teaching freshman English in one of the largest school districts in Texas. After two years, I resigned and moved to Oklahoma for a year, after which I returned to a Houston position in the same school district teaching eighth grade language arts. I've worked at that same campus ever since, though I moved to seventh grade a few years ago. I will graduate this summer with my M.Ed. in educational administration and have hopes to begin a Ph.D. program in English sometime within the next couple of years. Houston is a wonderful place to live; explore opportunities to teach all over our county that are looking for well-trained educators and have positions available!

John Sell, Thu, 29 Sep 2005 wrote:
My name is John Sell, and I graduated from IUP in 1990 with an B.S. in English Education. I have been teaching in Kent and Sussex County Delaware for the past fifteen years. My wife, Michelle, a graduate of Georgia State University, also teaches English. We have two beautiful boys, Tyler and Michael. I miss IUP. I have not been back since the day I packed up to leave when I was just 22 years old.