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The doctoral program in Composition and Applied Linguistics provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and research-based understanding of first and second language literacy instruction. With accomplished, international faculty in the field of Composition and Applied Linguistics, our program offers the unique experience of working across disciplinary lines and integrating research on language, literacy, culture, and writing.

Our curriculum is built on the concept of the teacher-scholar. We help doctoral students conduct innovative research and we promote teaching practices that are informed by research. Our students become accomplished teacher-scholars known for their enthusiasm, research, teaching, and publications. They enjoy careers as faculty members, literacy researchers, writing program directors, academic administrators, and expert consultants.

The Composition and Applied Linguistics program is one of the few programs in the world designed to give students the option of exploring first- and second-language literacy in English. We welcome students who wish to explore the ever-widening contexts of literacy and language around the world and who recognize the importance, value, and beauty of literacy research and instruction.

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Dr. Gloria Park
Director, Graduate Studies in Composition and Applied Linguistics

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