Labyrinth has helped many students grow into great individuals. Below are statements from existing and former students of Labyrinth. They talk about their experiences with the class to show you that Labyrinth is the right choice for you.


Timothy J. Rager (Class of 2021)

“I transferred to IUP in order to be closer to my sister, so that she could help me adjust to college life. I was a bit of a loner and had poor people skills -- I hadn't’t yet come out of shell. As someone with Asperger’s I’ve always struggled with my people skills and sometimes have trouble balancing tasks.”

“I had the opportunity to join the Labyrinth program the year it began and it helped me tremendously. The program helped me get my bearings and taught me skills that aided me in my education in addition to my everyday life. Labyrinth helped me with my studying skills, as well as organizational skills. This benefited me greatly during my years at IUP and are skills I still use today. Additionally, I became comfortable around groups of people and learned how to better communicate with others. These few are just some of the many skills you learn in the Labyrinth program, which assist you in your education, as well as your future. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without the help of the Labyrinth Center. I strongly recommend this program to anyone with learning disabilities.”