Introducing the new Labyrinth Recreational Room

Labyrinth, originally just a single room, now has an additional room for it’s students. While one of many meeting rooms was used for class or hosting speakers, the new acquisition provides a space for students to relax beyond their studies or between classes.

Recreational Room's design

The recreational room is designed in mind to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation to the students of Labyrinth. An achromatic color scheme and open concept offer a minimalistic design that won’t provoke sensory overload or stress.  Two smaller couches in the center of the room also provides a great place to relax (or rest) whilst studying. There is also a couple of massive bean bags around the same area as the couches to relax alongside a fridge of food items and drink the students request. The room is more spacious than the other room so it is now used as both a recreational room along with it being used for labyrinth class for the larger amount of students.

 Labyrinth Game Night

A graduate assistant by the name of Joe Rhoades began a ‘Labyrinth Game Night’. His enjoyment of video games put the thought in his head; most students in the program enjoyed games of all varieties (board games, card games, video games, etc.). This event provides a way for the students to spend time with their Labyrinth peers as well as enjoy some fun games. It is held once a week in the new Recreational Room.