How to...

Wondering how to get something done with Ektron? You've come to the right place. Whether you're just getting started building your website, or you're an experienced web editor, the information here can be a huge help.

We will continue to update this section for the more advanced user of Ektron and the Content Management System.

If you need help beyond what our site provides, please contact the Digital Team via ihelp.

Working with Page Layouts

Adding content and collections, parts of a page layout, making a new page, and more

Make a Calendar Event

Get your event onto the university calendars

News Posts

University Style Guide

Alphabetized guide to IUP's house writing style for all types of content

Web Training

Training procedures are being revised, due to the upcoming migration of the website to Cascade, the new CMS

Online Forms

How to request them

Best Practices

Make your website more effective

Web Maintainer Responsibilities

Specific responsibilities for your website's web maintainers