As part of the US intelligence community, the National Security Agency focuses on signals intelligence, which involves the interception of communication signals between people, machines, or both. NSA is the undisputed leader in this field. Their signals intelligence activities are never directed at American citizens. Cybersecurity is Their other specialty, which is all about protecting American systems from prying eyes.

What is the NSA's mission?  The most simple, concise answer is that they are here to SAVE LIVES. They never want another 9/11. That’s the biggest, most important, most vital mission.

NSA offers multiple employment opportunities for students in college and for seniors at high schools with the intention of pursuing a bachelor’s degree. They offer a wide variety of student programs, which offer real-world experience, and the chance to be a part of something that you’ve never even dreamed about—plus, it could lead to a full-time career after you graduate. 

For more information about opportunities with the NSA, view the program flyer or visit their website