2022 NSA Codebreaker Challenge

Posted on 8/4/22 6:12 PM

The annual Codebreaker Challenge developed by the National Security Agency is back. The 2022 Codebreaker Challenge consists of a series of tasks that are worth varying points based on the task's level of difficulty. Schools will be ranked according to the total number of points accumulated by students. The Challenge opens in early August 2022. Good luck and enjoy!

2022 Challenge Scenario

A US company has been crippled by a ransomware attack, and the NSA is standing by to provide technical assistance to FBI agents responding.

Your mission is to:

  1. Investigate the attack and discover the tools and techniques used
  2. Unravel and expose a Ransomware-as-a-Service ring
  3. Recover the victim’s files and save the day

Who: US-based academic institutions

What: Annual NSA-themed challenge event

Where: NSA-Codebreaker.org

When: Opens early August 2022

Download the flyer

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