Advancing Intelligence Through Science

The National Security Agency is the nation’s leader in providing foreign signals intelligence while also protecting US government information systems and forging the frontier of communications and data
analysis. We serve the American people by applying technical skills to meaningful work, keeping our friends and families safe for generations to come. To learn more, visit the NSA website.

NSA’s Research Directorate is the largest and most established in-house research organization in the intelligence community, employing experts with world-class skills in mathematics, computer science, engineering, cybersecurity, physics, neuroscience and linguistics. Interested in joining our team? Visit Intellegence Careers and apply online today!

Open Source 

NSA is committed to sharing and releasing open source materials and technologies like SEAndroid and Ghidra. For more information, visit the NSA website

Technology Transfer Program

Find out how NSA moves mission-critical technologies from the lab to the marketplace. Visit the NSA website for more information.

Codebreaker Challenge

NSA creates and hosts the annual Codebreaker Challenge, which uses relevant problems to develop technical skills widely used and valued at the agency. The CBC runs August–December and is open to students at any US-based school. Check out the NSA website for more information

The Next Wave

The Next Wave is an NSA publication on emerging technologies. See this flyer for additional details.