Culinary Arts Faculty

  • Culinary faculty instructing in kitchen

    Bringing Real-World Experience and a Passion for Teaching

    Our culinary and baking faculty members bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. They have managed multimillion-dollar restaurant operations worldwide and prepared meals for presidents, royalty, CEOs, and movie stars. They have taught and developed programs at culinary schools across the United States, and they are gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in ACF-sanctioned local and national culinary competitions.

    In addition to their broad industry and teaching experience, all IUP chef instructors have either advanced degrees or multiple professional certifications. 90 percent of IUP chef instructors are dual-certified by the American Culinary Federation as certified culinary educators and in their specialty (certified executive chef, certified executive pastry chef, etc.).

    Experience counts, but teaching is their passion. That means you learn not only from a pro, but also from someone who loves teaching.

  • Takafumi Mitsuzuka

    “All the chefs are with you for a two-week period on rotation. I use cooking methods for stocks and sauces from Chef Fitting, pastry skills from Chef Kapusta and Chef Price, organization and preciseness from Chef Rupert, professionalism from Chef Pike, keeping calm during service from Chef Nutter, and personal hygiene from Chef Wutsch.”

    Takafumi Mitsuzuka, Culinary Arts, Chef, Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea, Jordon, Aqaba

  • Reed, Erin
    Chef Erin Reed, a 2008 alumna, has earned many accolades in the hospitality industry and worked at some of the hottest dining venues in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. 
    Pike, Lynn
    Culinary faculty member Lynn Pike is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Certified Culinary Educator (CCE), Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR) and Foodservice Management Professional (FMP).
    Nutter, Andrew
    Culinary faculty member Andrew Nutter is Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC), Certified Culinary Educator (CCE), and Foodservice Management Professional (FMP).
    McIsaac, Melinda
    Culinary faculty member Melinda McIsaac is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Foodservice Management Professional (FMP). 
    Kapusta, John
    Culinary faculty member John Kapusta is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) and Foodservice Management Professional (FMP). 
    Harber, Richard
    Culinary faculty member Richard Harber is a certified executive chef and foodservice management professional.
    DeMane, Hilary
    Culinary faculty member Hilary DeMane is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef (CEPC) and Certified Culinary Educator (CCE).
    Battaglia, Anthony
    Culinary faculty member Anthony Battaglia is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef (CEPC) and Certified Culinary Educator (CCE). 
    Barnes, Thomas
    Culinary faculty member Thomas Barnes is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Food Management Professional (FMP).
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