Here are the classes you will take in your third semester (summer) in Culinary Arts.

Lab Courses

American Cuisine

Based on classical cooking methods previously learned, you are exposed to industry food trends. All preparations focus on the creative fusion of cultures, flavors, textures, and colors to produce contemporary American Cuisine for use in the academy's dining room.

American Table Service

Introduction to the front of the house operations. Emphasis on the interaction and communication between the dining room, kitchen, and clientele. Chain of command, job responsibilities, and service techniques covered, along with personal hygiene and sanitation. Experience hands-on training in the academy's American Ala Carte Service Dining Room

Fish and Shellfish Preparation and Cookery

Fabricate, prepare, and present fish and shellfish using classical, international, and contemporary recipes. Emphasis on dry, moist, and combination cooking methods. Identification, inspection, and grading are also covered. Preparation of sauces, vegetables, and farinaceous products reviewed.

Garde Manger, Advanced

Advance your Garde Manger skills.Develop techniques in pates, galantines, terrines, mousses, and accompanying sauces and garnishes, including edible and nonedible centerpieces. Emphasis onmise en placeand presentation skills. Hot and cold buffet presentations, sausage preparation, and smoking meats also covered.

Student Journal/Portfolio

Students acquire skills necessary to develop and organize a performance log of technical skills and knowledge obtained during each semester.