Culinary Arts and BS Degree Programs

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One of the hottest job growth areas in the hospitality industry is for culinary graduates with practical experience and a four-year degree.

You can apply credits from the Academy of Culinary Arts toward four-year degrees at IUP in Hospitality Management, Nutrition, and Family and Consumer Science Education.

Hospitality Management

Continue your studies in hotel, restaurant, tourism, and event managemen. Successfully complete the culinary program and you'll have the option to apply up to 38 credits toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism, and Event Management.

Food and Nutrition

Combine your culinary training with a Food and Nutrition degree. 32 credits will be applied toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition after you successfully complete the culinary program.

This degree program offers two tracks that can be combined with culinary arts: Culinary Dietetics or Nutrition. Admission into the Nutrition Track is guaranteed for culinary graduates. Admission into the Culinary Dietetics Track requires that students meet the academic requirements detailed below.

More About Culinary Dietetics

The Culinary Dietetics Track allows students to combine academic preparation in nutrition with extensive hands-on learning experiences in culinary arts by one of two routes:

  1. Students whose high school GPA meets admission requirements for the Dietetics Track may choose to apply directly to Culinary Dietetics. Students admitted to Culinary Dietetics will begin their freshman year in the Culinary Dietetics Track on the Indiana campus. They transfer to the Academy of Culinary Arts, located in Punxsutawney, for their sophomore year, and return to Indiana for their junior and senior years. The required culinary externship is completed during the summer between the junior and senior years.

  2. Students may choose to begin their studies with Culinary Arts. The student would apply to and enroll in the Culinary Arts program on the Punxsutawney campus for the fall, spring, and summer semesters of their freshman year. The culinary externship would be completed in the fall of their sophomore year. In the spring of their sophomore year, students begin their studies in the Nutrition Track on the Indiana campus. Nutrition Track majors are eligible to change their major to Culinary Dietetics after they have completed the admission requirements for the Dietetics Track.

Family and Consumer Science

Choose to pair your culinary education with a teaching degree. Complete the culinary curriculum and receive up to 21 credits toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a major in K-12 Family and Consumer Sciences.

Not sure about your interest in a bachelor degree? No worries. You can choose to take advantage of the bachelor's degree option, using the credits earned in Culinary Arts, any time within 10 years after your culinary graduation.