Culinary Arts Programs of Study

  • two culinary students watch as a third fills pastry cups with filling
  • Transform your love of cooking into a rich, rewarding, and tasty career

    You have a love for cooking, a craving to transform sweet and savory ingredients into memorable sensory experiences. With training from the culinary programs at IUP, you can bring your passion and talent to new levels and in the process enjoy a rich and rewarding career in the food industry-not to mention all the great food you’ll taste along the way.

    You also have a strong work ethic. You are not afraid to put in long hours of hard work. In fact, you thrive in an intense atmosphere, where decisions have to be made quickly, where teams work with precision, and where excellence is rewarded.

  • Culinary Visit Program

    July 9, 2018
    Punxsutawney, PA

    July 23, 2018
    Punxsutawney, PA

    Visit us and enjoy demonstrations, food tastings, and more while you talk with students and chef instructors in both the culinary and baking and pastry programs.

    For more information, visit Culinary Academy Visit Programs.

  • Why Culinary Arts?

    The reality is when you begin a culinary career you will start at an entry level, and then it’s up to you. Your culinary education at IUP will provide you with the technical skill and confidence you need to be successful in the kitchen, and that will take you far. And you will have the ability to tailor your education to your interests, such as combining your culinary education with an undergraduate degree or with additional pastry arts training so you can pursue a wider range of career options.

    The world needs culinary arts professionals

    We live in a world of the celebrity chef. And that’s a good thing for the foodies of the world. Throughout North America, we've placed great cuisine high on a pedestal. More and more people are willing to pay good money for a great meal-and not just once a year, but as frequently as they can afford. That means the need for high-quality chefs is growing. Furthermore, each year the public’s expectations go up, which means there is always room for the next chef to wow the public.

  • Expected outcomes with a certificate in culinary arts

    If you’re interested in a professional career working with food, then you are at right place. IUP offers an accelerated, 16-month program which is nationally recognized and accredited by the American Culinary Federation. You will develop the fundamental skills you need to be a proficient cook or pastry cook with the foundation necessary to become a successful kitchen manager, sous chef, working chef, or executive chef with experience.

    • First you will complete 12 months of culinary arts coursework, and then you’ll take a paid externship in the industry.

    • Interested in expanding your baking expertise? You can choose to apply for admission into our baking and pastry arts program. You'll take instruction in advanced pastry techniques and finish up with a paid, baking externship.

    • Many students want a degree along with their culinary training. Our unique program is designed so you can complete the culinary arts program, and earn credits and guaranteed admission for your BS in hospitality management, a BS in nutrition, or a BSEd in Family Consumer Science Education.

    The IUP Difference

    Curriculum and Instruction. The hourly amount of hands-on production time at IUP is unparalleled by any other culinary program in the country.

    Paid Externship. 100 percent of our students are offered paid externship positions. At our Externship Sponsor Fair in the spring semester, you will have a chance to meet executive chefs and human resource representatives and be interviewed for your paid externship. 80 percent of our students accept externship positions in four- and five-star or diamond properties.

    Job Opportunities for Grads. We have an enviable track record when it comes to our graduates getting into great places to work. Four out of five students receive offers of permanent employment from their externship sponsor. Job-Line, the academy's online job posting service, includes regional and national culinary employment options, and our Alumni Referral Service provides grads with career networking assistance for life.

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