What Were You Wearing Campaign Digital Exhibit signPlease join the IUP Haven Project and IUP Fashion Merchandising Program to view the What Were You Wearing Campaign (Digital Exhibit) from April 21 until April 24, and help to end the myth that clothing impacts sexual assault.

Members of the Haven Project will share anonymous survivor stories, along with a visual of what type of clothing they were wearing at the time of their assault. Resources will be provided after every story, with the comprehensive list at the end of the video.

The exhibit brings awareness to the issue of victim blaming and helps to dismantle the myths about sexual assault occurring due to what a person was wearing.

What Were You Wearing Campaign- Blue Hoodie and a BootContent Warning: The stories shared are about sexual assaults. Please be aware that this content could be triggering.


April 21-24


View the digital display on the Haven Project website

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A list of resources will be provided during the digital exhibit along with the stories. Help is available.

Questions? Email haven-project@iup.edu

This was made possible by the collaboration between the IUP Haven Project and the IUP Fashion Merchandising Program.