Waltman Creates New Video Game

Posted on 3/1/21 8:03 PM

Communications Media faculty member Jeremy Waltman recently published Weatherworn to the Steam gaming platform. Waltman handled directing, writing, art asset creation, and game development.

Weatherworn is an all-ages adventure about the young Pup and their grandfather Pap stranded on a dangerous world. A retro role playing game with a modern pace about life and loss.

Pap is voiced by Dave Pettitt, who has voiced Master Asia from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Sludge from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the narrator of Valiant Hearts. Weatherworn also features voice work from Victoria Hogan (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and science educator Justin Shaifer.

Along with the game, Waltman is producing an upcoming full-color prequel comic book. The game cut scenes are hand-drawn in the same comic style.

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