Students in COMM 360 Digital Sports Production had the opportunity to talk with IUP alumnus Terrance Cook about his experience working in major market sports production.

Terrance is a production assistant for several California Bay Area sports teams, including the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, and the Oakland A's. Before starting his work in California, Cook completed an internship with the Pittsburgh Steelers and, while at IUP, was a photographer for IUP Athletics.

Terrence CookWorking in sports production for multiple teams, Cook advised the students in Professor B. Gail Wilson's class to be willing to do any job and do it well. "People are always watching you. Opportunities have come my way because someone saw me working hard, even when it was a really menial job," said Cook.

Cook graduated with his BS in communications media in 2015 and is pictured here talking to the class from his home in California.

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