Eberly Atrium - Director & Intl Students

Any individual looking to start a small business is faced with challenges that require financial, accounting, and managerial skills, among others.

The intelligent entrepreneur who may not possess all of these skills will seek assistance, and the Pennsylvania SBDCs strive to provide this assistance. This FAQ section covers many of the answers to your difficult questions either about starting a business or questions you may have about your existing business.

  1. About the Pennsylvania SBDC
  2. Starting a Business
  3. Business Plans
  4. Attracting Customers- Marketing
  5. Legal Issues
  6. Financing and Loans
  7. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  8. Taxes
  9. Employees- Human Resources
  10. Government Marketing
  11. International Business
  12. Military Reservists
  13. Small Business Statistics and Research
  14. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  15. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
  16. Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
  17. Young Entrepreneurs
  18. Emergency Response

To assist you further in starting or growing your own business, please contact the IUP SBDC.